The Makai sailboat arrived at Varador 2000 almost by chance. “The insurance company decided that this shipyard was the most suitable for repairing the ship”, explains Joan Estrany, its captain. “We had a warranty problem with the paint on the mast, which had manufacturing defects”, and the insurer recommended that we transfer the boat to Varador 2000 to repair it and get it ready.

Estrany is very satisfied with the decision and with the work done. “The truth –he explains– is that the insurer was absolutely right. Varador 2000 has a great technical team that has left the boat impeccable, in just five weeks”. “The mast has been better than new”, says the captain, satisfied, a few hours after the rigging.

Estrany, who has lived on the ship throughout his stay at Varador 2000, comments that he has personally supervised all the work carried out very closely and the result “has been spectacular”. The entire 35 meter mast was sanded down to the fiber and then the entire process of priming (three coats), painting (another three coats) and final polishing has been carried out. Estrany assures that the shipyard “has great professionals: I was very surprised by their speed, their understanding and, above all, the personalized treatment they have given us at all times”. According to the young captain, Mallorcan by birth, “in terms of quality and service, Varador 2000 is very competitive”.

The captain has taken advantage of his stay at the Arenys de Mar shipyard to carry out other maintenance work on the Makai such as the change of anodes, antifouling of the hull, revision of the rudder “and some others typical of the annual maintenance of the sailboat”, comments Estrany. The boat, which is based at the Real Club Náutico de Palma, is a Brenta 80 SRD built in 2017 at the German shipyard Michael Schmidt Yachtbau. The boat, 24 meters long and 6 meters wide, was designed by Luca Brenta, Lorenzo Argento and the interior design team at Design Unlimited.

The Makai is a unit in the semi custom range produced by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau. She is a boat built with carbon and other light materials inside, designed for family life on board and also for fast cruises. She has capacity for six people and has a 350 horsepower Yanmar engine.


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