Great project design and execution work in charge of the Varador 2000 Tender Clinic service

The Tender Clinic service of the Varador 2000 shipyard has just carried out in its technical facilities in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona) the transformation of the lateral superstructures of a MY Cheradi Marine Santorini of 48 feet in length with the objective of improving the peripheral vision from the cockpit of the boat and optimize the air circulation inside the cabin. To achieve these objectives, the Tender Clinic design team designed two large openings in the fins of the bathtub following the exterior lines of the superstructure, achieving a perfect aesthetic integration, as if they were part of the original structure of the boat.

Once the lateral openings were made, Tender Clinic’s laminates and composites team reinforced the inside of the cabin by applying polyurethane foam and lamination with fiberglass and vinylester resin, thus creating openings that are perfectly integrated and consolidated with the exterior structure of the boat. The project was completed by the Tender Clinic painting team, who performed an excellent integration by applying gelcoat imitating the degraded color of the existing gelcoat, creating the feeling that these openings were made during the original construction of the boat. The result of the operation ostensibly improves the anchoring and navigation experience both in terms of views and ventilation, updating its aesthetics and offering an open concept design to the boat.

Cover change and hull painting

Taking advantage of his stay in Varador 2000, the owner also decided to change the teak of the deck, which was quite deteriorated, and paint the boat’s hull. The teak was no longer thick and also involved obvious physical risks for the users of the motor. The carpentry team at Tender Clinic proposes a more modern teak configuration, with wider slats and longer strips, thus improving the visual continuity towards the bow and seeking the curves of the hull following the interior against the old aesthetic of letting die the foreheads on the outside of the helmet. Finally, it is decided to mount a Burma teak of 12 millimeters, of great quality. All of this is finished with a gray re-caulk that gives the final set elegance and depth. The result is a functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing cover that will be operational for many years.

The refit of this Cheradi Marine Santorini has been completed with the painting of the hull. In order to properly harmonize the transformation of the upper cabin with the classic lines of the boat, a dark green paint with blue hues and a golden waterline has been chosen which gives the boat elegance with a sporty British Racing style touch.

Tender Clinic, trademark

Tender Clinic is a professional technical service developed by the Varador 2000 shipyard for boats up to 200 tons. Tender Clinic offers in the same package professional technical service for these boats and facilities conveniently equipped to accommodate them: technical service, logistics and interior and exterior storage. In the Tender Clinic service, these boats are pampered with the same care and professionalism as the superyacht. Varador 2000 guarantees that all the processes of the Tender Clinic service are carried out with its own services. The service has been developed for shipowners looking for reliable equipment and facilities, which can only be offered by a company with nearly 40 years of experience in the Spanish nautical sector.


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