25 students Miquel Biada Institute of Mataro participate in this course

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Twenty-five professional training students Miquel Biada Institute of Mataro receive practice training and specific technique about maintenance and repair & refit of boats on the training area of Mataro Marina Barcelona, the dock for superyachts managed by Varador 2000 in the port of Mataro.

These students are in the course of Boat maintenance and port services, which goes on for two years. During this course (2015-16) the students complement its training in the workshops of Miquel Biada’s Institute with the training that they receive in the dock facilities of Varador 2000 in Mataro, in charge of specialists teachers of the company.

The students realize nine hours for week of practise and technique training in the installations of the company in Mataro. In total, they must complete 33 weeks of training. During this course, one grant-holding student of Miquel Biada’s Institute also makes professional practices in the facilities of Varador 2000 in Arenys de Mar.

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