·Refit of a Southern Wind Farr 72 in Varador 2000

El nuevo motor anclado sobre la bancada modificada

The new motor anchored on the modified bench

Replacing a boat’s engine with one of the same characteristics is relatively easy. Substituting it with a totally different one is much more complicated. This is what a team of Varador 2000 repair & refit professionals have done in their facilities with a 21.89 meter long Farr 72 sailboat built by Southern Wind. To place a Yanmar 4LV230 engine in the cabin that previously occupied an engine of a different brand and of different dimensions, it was necessary to completely remodel this space.

The professionals of the different specialized workshops that work at Varador 2000 have made this possible. Motornautic, specialized in motors, have taken care of making a template with the anchor points of the new motor and the connection with the shaft plate. Garriga BCN, specialized in laminates and composites, has made the necessary modifications to the bench so that the new motor silenblocks are well supported at the point where it fits perfectly with the shaft plate. To do this, it was necessary to lower the original bench, carrying out fiberglass work and inserting a stainless steel plate where the new motor has been attached.

As explained by the captain of the sailboat, Mumo Torres, “our initial intention was to carry out a review of the engine, tune it up, but we soon realized that the best thing was to change it for a new, more powerful one. There was no point in extending the life of an engine that was already twenty-five years and thousands of miles”. This change of mind and the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus have lengthened the stay of the sailboat on the technical esplanade of Varador 2000 more than expected. Time that has been conveniently used to carry out other work on the boat that “has left it as new” says the captain, who adds: “Now the boat is fully ready and in optimal sailing conditions”.

According to Torres, thanks to the fact that in Varador 2000 several specialized workshops operate in different branches of repair & refit, “we have been able to undertake other works that we had pending carpentry, rigging, hydraulics, electronics and electricity, among others”. The captain reports that the wooden floors have been changed, the propeller shaft has been aligned, the bow thruster has been revised, the sails have been darned, the diesel and water systems have been modified, new sheets have been put in, all winches have been checked, generator hydraulic, electrical, and issues have been resolved, interior hatches have been sanitized, a bow patch has been applied, antifouling has been applied, and anodes have been replaced. “In short”, adds Mumo Torres, “a practically comprehensive refit has been made” in which Sailing Solutions, Hymapro and Luxwood Fusteria Naval, other workshops that operate in the technical area of Varador 2000, have also intervened.

In the opinion of the captain of this Southern Wind “a very intense, very professional work has been carried out and very well coordinated by Varador 2000”. Teamwork. For Torres “that the shipyard has highly specialized workshops is an added value that generates a plus of confidence in customers”. The sailboat already made another complete refit in this shipyard in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona) in 2016.


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