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The dock for superyachts Mataró Marina Barcelona is finalizing operations to align the bottom of the dock to the needs of draught of the large boats usually moored in the nautical base. For three weeks ago is proceeding to dump stones and rocks of the seabed to gain depth. With this operation, the marina will have a minimum depth of 4.5 meters in almost all its perimeter, which can reach 6 feet in some areas of the basin.

Once the extraction of rocks end they will have gained between 1.5 and 2 meters deep, which will facilitate the entry and mooring big boats around the enclosure. Besides winning draught, the operation will also improve the stability of the movement of water and reduce their agitation. The stones are drilled are used to reinforce the breakwater pier west of the port.

Emptying the bottom of the basin has been trying not cause notable disorders users marina. Varador 2000, the company that manages this nautical base, wants to thank the understanding they have shown at all times for the inconvenience caused, given that the benefits far outweigh the temporary inconvenience that may have suffered.

The proposed operation of the new nautical base of Mataró for large boats besides provides technical improvement, environmental management and the maintenance and upkeep of the installations implementing new services for the crews of these vessels (Crew area with sports and leisure) areas, the implementation of a training and promotion of sailing and nautical sports, among others.

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