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The Port of Mataró

Mataro marina BARCELONA is located on the west pier of the port of Mataró, a leisure harbour with clean, tranquil waters boasting fantastic facilities: hotels, restaurants, shops and nautical services.


Mataró is the capital of the Maresme area, also known as the Catalan California. Located merely 30 kilometers north of Barcelona, Mataró is a city which boasts an important cultural patrimony which gives it its own distinct character. The privileged geographical location –the sea on one side, and a coastal mountain range on the other– ensures that Mataró’s climatic conditions are ideal for enjoying the city. 

Mataró’s origins date back to the Roman era. This precious legacy can be found in the Torre Llauder Roman village from the first century AC, and the latest discoveries in the centre of the ancient village. Strolling through the streets of the city centre its history can be felt everywhere. This ancient Roman hamlet has Baroque architecture, colonial architecture, as well as outstanding examples of Modernist architecture by one of its most important representatives, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, who was of course from Mataró. 

In Mataró you will encounter first class commercial and gastronomic opportunities, fantastic beaches and excellent nautical facilities.


Barcelona, Mediterranean capital

Located merely 30 minutes from Mataró by car or train, Barcelona is a modern cosmopolitan city which offers a wide range of activities which can be enjoyed by day or by night. It is also one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe and is a highend shopping Mecca. International fairs, conventions, conferences, and cultural and sporting events are held in Barcelona throughout the year (including the Champions League and Formula 1), which makes it all the more attractive.

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