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The Varador 2000 shipyard is carrying out a refit complex at its technical facilities in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona) that affects the entire electrical installation of an 18-meter-long Mystic 57 sailboat. The objective is that the boat can carry out great oceanic navigations without using the engine or the generator for many days.
For this purpose, seven lithium batteries of 5.5 kW each have been installed, which will provide a navigation autonomy of four or five days during which the engine noise will not be heard at any time. After this time, they can be recharged in seven hours using the generator, or in eight hours using the engine.

In addition to the batteries, a new alternating current input electrical panel has also been installed. The design of the panel will allow the captain or the crew to choose at any time which current source feeds the different systems of the ship. The new installation foresees a division of the ship into two alternating current circuits that will be fed, depending on the demand at each moment, with the 14.5 kW supplied by the sine wave inverters (3 new of 3.5 kW each, plus the original of the 5 kW boat).
Modular System
It is a modular system that “allows the distribution of electricity demand among the different equipment based on the energy requirements of the ship, so that if, in the event that one system fails, the other will be activated, supplying the necessary energy”, says Lucas Sastre, engineer at Diplonautic, a Varador 2000 partner in this project.
The work, which has not yet been completed, also includes the installation of two new alternators, solar chargers (Mastervolt system), new wiring to interconnect all electrical devices, specific adaptations of the engine to the new electrical charging protocols and integrating the new box that houses the batteries in the basement of the ship’s cabin, for which a special lamination work has also had to be carried out.

The entire transformation project is being carried out from scratch: study, design, conceptualization and execution. “We have adapted an old installation to the most innovative technical requirements to achieve long, safe and comfortable navigations”, comments Raül Donaire, technical director of Varador 2000.


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