KATHERINE PENNINGTON, TIZIANA captain, 36 -meter ketch length

Fidelity to Arenys shipyard has meant that the captain established her permanent residence in the town.

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Katherine Pennington found Varador 2000 surfing on internet 4 years ago. From that time she has been a frequent visitor and Varador 2000 becomes her reference Shipyard. Katherine is Tiziana’s Captain a precious ketch Sparkman & Stephens 35,6 meters of length, a classic that is always well treated and maintained in order to keep her always in perfect condition: “Tiziana sails 6 months a year as charter vessel so it’s really important to keep doing maintenance works. Customers that rent her have the right to find Tiziana always in perfect conditions”, says Kathy.

The Captain was born in South Africa, She is a really professional and demanding person, she loves works well done and a direct and close relationship. In Varador 2000 she found what she was looking for and for this reason she converted Arenys de Mar Shipyard in her refitting stable base for Tiziana, a boat that is her passion in which she works several hours of her life. “ In a big Shipyard you are just a number. Here in Varador 2000 the relation is more direct and personal, easy communication and fast problem solving make the difference. You just need to talk to Raul, Varador 2000’s technical service manager and the project can begin straight away”.

In Pennington’s opinion the customized service provided by Varador 2000 and “the great service and the professionalism of the Shipyard” have been two points that converted this technical base her favorite Shipyard in the Mediterranean. But these are not the unique points that she considered. Varador 2000’s strategic location has been one of the reasons she chose it. In her opinion Maresme is a perfect place to stay: “It is very well connected to Barcelona, to the two main airports and the Pyrenees. It has nice and clean beaches, it’s is a quiet place… What else?” It has everything you may need. Katherine loves so much Arenys de Mar that she decided to make this place her place, in fact she has has an house here.

Eight years with Tiziana

Tiziana has been built in Germany by Aberking & Rasmussen 52 years ago. She sails from May to October. Turkey, France, Italy, Baleares and Greece are some of her usual destinations. The Captain says that it is really relaxing to sail in the Mediterranean Sea with Tiziana, also due to the fact she can count on Varador 2000 even when the yacht is far from the shipyard. She can find there all the help she may need. Capt. Pennington affirms that: “I’m really satisfied about Varador 2000 served and efficiency and they are very fast in problem solving as well”.

The Yacht usually sails with a crew of 6 people and can accommodate 10 people more in 5 rooms. When Tiziana is not sailing she is moored in her home port in Mataro Marina Barcelona or in Varador 2000 Shipyard, where all the maintenance works are done.

Katherine Pennington is a sea passionate, she sails since she was a little girl. She got her Captain license about 11 years ago and she is been working on Tiziana for 8 years. The last six years as Captain. She began to work on Tiziana as a deck hand, then she became first mate and then Captain that is her actual position. She is conscious that she works in a business dominated by men but she is not intimidated because she has a strong personality: “In the next few years there will be lot of women in the marine business, we are starting taking position and nobody can stop us”.

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