Corporate Policy

VARADOR 2000, SA, is a company dedicated to the management of spaces, marine services, renovations, repairs, maintenance and shipping services of boats; aware of the importance that the market places on the quality of services, environmental sustainability and the safety and health of its workers, visitors and subcontractors, assumes the challenge of implementing a policy of management and continuous improvement of the quality of the service it provides to the client, keeping in mind the protection of the natural environment and people.
For this reason, it adopts at all levels of the organization itself, the Integrated Management System derived from the application of the corresponding international standards, and assumes the following commitments:
• Compliance with all applicable customer, legal and administrative requirements in terms of quality, environment, safety and occupational health, as well as other possible requirements that you decide to undertake voluntarily.
• Seek continuous improvement aimed at environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and the quality of its services, through the systematic and periodic evaluation of the Integrated Management System.
Likewise, it must adopt as principles of its behavior in the environmental and occupational health and safety field:
• The rational use of its resources.
• The training, awareness, consultation and participation of all staff, with a view to facilitating compliance with this policy.
• Encouraging among its collaborators, customers and suppliers, the adoption of correct practices in the safety and health of people and in the environmental environment.
Likewise, VARADOR 2000, SA undertakes to support this Corporate Policy, providing all the necessary physical elements and resources that are necessary to provide a frame of reference for the establishment and review of objectives and goals.
It is intended, as a final objective, to make available to customers, a service that meets the most demanding recognized standards and obtaining their most complete satisfaction; essential condition to secure the company in the future.
José Ramón Mas i Borrell
General Manager of Varador 2000
rev. 7

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