Ricard Font and Xiqui Mas have today signed an agreement to promote the management of the port area


Ricard Font (left) y Xiqui Mas (right)

Secretary for Infrastructure and Mobility and President of the Ports de la Generalitat (Catalan Government), Ricard Font, and the CEO of the company Varador 2000 Xiqui Mas today formalized by signing the agreement that allows the management of this public infrastructure under concession administrative.

The new management contract of the port area includes the operation of all the dock, located inside the west pier of the port of Mataró. This includes all esplanades, piers, roads, buildings and water surface (except a mooring reserved for the five fishing boats still operating in Mataró space), the dealer will adapt to the needs of the activity development.

Maqueta de la nueva marina

Model of the new marina

The proposed operation of the new nautical base of Mataró for large boats of technical improvement,-also includes environmental management and the maintenance and upkeep of the premises-the implementation of new services for the crews of these vessels, commissioning establishment of a training and promotion of sailing and nautical sports, among others.

During the past three years Varador 2000, has already managed in administrative authorization part of the basin. During this period they have docked at the nautical base superyachts from over eighty different countries. This rotation has contributed to project internationally the image and name of Mataró, while it has generated a significant economic impact on the services sector of the city and harbor.

The transformation of the old fishing harbor into a modern marina for superyachts has been possible thanks to the strategic vision that once had the company and Ports de la Generalitat to transform this space into a dynamic focus of the nautical sector, creation engine employment and economic recovery point services immediately surrounding the port (hotel, bars, restaurants, marine services …) and the city of Mataró (hotels, guesthouses, shopping, restaurants, etc..).

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