Carlos Manera has finished training for the Mini Transat 2021 by competing in the Puru Challenge Race, the last important Atlantic test before crossing the ocean as from September. The Puru is a 600-mile race that takes place in two stages between July 28 and August 5.

The first stage was played between Port Bourgenay and Getxo. After the start, the mini Varador 2000 surpassed the first mark in Rochebone in twelfth position. Later, on the island of Belle Ille, the outrigger of the boat broke, which made Carlos lose two hours, placing himself in the middle of the fleet. Once past Belle Ille, the fleet headed for Getxo. In this section of the regatta, the fleet suffered the passage of a cold front with gusts of wind of up to 35 knots, first upwind, and then later across the stern up to 5 miles before the finish line, which allowed Carlos to regain several positions. He finally came in first position in the non-round bow and 35th overall.

In Getxo Carlos was able to repair the outrigger and some other element of the boat that had been damaged in the first stage. On August 3 the fleet set out again in the direction of Port Bourgenay, with little wind at first. Carlos made a very good start and was fourth overall until nightfall, when a new windstorm showed the great difference that exists between new round-bow sailboats and those with traditional bows, such as the Varador 2000. Carlos crossed the finish line on August 4 at seven in the afternoon, after enduring constant winds of 30-35 knots for almost 24 hours. He finally finished second in sailboats with a non-round bow.

His brilliant performance throughout the two stages has earned him the Good Performance award, which distinguishes the sailor who has done the best regatta but did not have a state-of-the-art boat, which would have allowed him to win. He presented her with the Alberto Riva award, winner in the series boats category.

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