·The captain says that after the refit at Varador 2000 “the engine works even better that when it was new”


He discovered Varador 2000 on the Internet and asked for references. He arrived at the yard and decided it was the right place to carry out a refit of Usuhaia, a catamaran build in France by Catana in 2001. More than a year has gone by but Eduardo José García, the captain of Usuhaia, does not regret his decision: “after several negative experiences in other European yards, at Varador 2000 we found the ideal environment to carry out a refit in complete peace of mind”.

Eduardo José García is an old sea wolf. He has spent forty years sailing all over the world – thirty of which as captain. He has a deep knowledge of the industry and is very demanding. He is also very careful and measures his words, but he can’t hide his satisfaction with the works carried out on Usuhaia at Varador 2000 “80% of the works have already been carried out to my complete satisfaction and next year we will come back to finish the rest” he guarantees.

The captain also puts great emphasis on the fact that the owner and himself were able to participate “in some of the technical solutions offered by Varador 2000 to solve certain complex works carried out on the boat. At all times – García adds – professionalism has gone hand in hand with the flexibility required to meet the client’s needs”.

The vessel, which belongs to the 582 Catana series (17.70 metres in length and a 9.12-metre beam) has undergone a nearly complete refurbishment. The deck and other wooden fittings have been repaired; the hull cleaned and painted; the waterline modified and the electrical system reinstalled (cases, terminals, connectors). Additionally, the rigging, the carbon mast, the bowsprit, the shrouds, the two engines and the generators have been serviced.

According to captain García “the engine works better now than when it was new” after the refit carried out at Varador 2000, which included a complete service of the two propellers, joints, wear points and replacement of control shaft’s elastic couplings, among other items. “Great professionals work at the yard, highly specialized in mechanics, hydraulics and rigging. I am very satisfied with the work done, which has been highly professional” says García and he adds that the timing was also perfect “keeping to the schedule arranged with the yard”.

The Usuhaia is a highly technological yacht. “The hull is made of carbon fibre, kevlar and twaron, which endow it with great structural strength while remaining extremely light” says the captain. García, from Argentina and a great lover of Joan Manuel Serrat’s music, is very proud of his boat: “it is like a Ferrari” he guarantees as he smiles getting ready to sail the Mediterranean, a sea that so often the Catalan singer-songwriter has included in his lyrics.

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