The captain values the great technical capacity of the shipyard and its strategic location

“Varador 2000 is my trusted technical base, here they understand our needs, and it also has an unbeatable location on the Mediterranean coast”. Says Àlex Bernat, captain of the superyacht Buka, a 38-meter-long ship built by Hessen Yachts in 2006 at the Dutch shipyard in Oss.

Bernat is very pleased to be able to do the maintenance of his boat in Varador 2000,as “here we can work with great flexibility, using in a mixed way the technical equipment of the shipyard, the official technical services when necessary and our own crew, which also participates and collaborates in many maintenance works”.

The Buka captain points out that not all shipyards allow this form of work, “which I consider very appropriate, because we can use the best professionals at every moment of the whole refit process”. Bernat considers that Varador 2000 is one of the shipyards that has evolved the most during the last decade in our country: “it has grown, it has a rhythm, great professionals and many specialized workshops, which makes it easier to solve many technical problems quickly”.

Àlex Bernat is a very experienced captain. He began his career in the world of sailing at a very young age, in the family business founded by his grandfather Dofí Jets Costa Brava. Later, between 2002 and 2009 he was captain of the superyachts Glamor (30 m.), Trotter (35 m.), D’Aristotelis (28 m.), Gloria Teresa (43 m.) and Jet Lag (30 m.). He then took an active part in the construction of the Tamara RD, a 35-meter produced by the Cantieri Navali di Lavagna (CNL) in 2010, of which he was captain until 2018. With almost all these ships he has docked at the Varador 2000 facilities on more than one occasion.

With the Buka he will remain for about four months in Varador 2000, where he will undergo the five-year maintenance required by the flag and the classification society, and the regular annual maintenance. The hull and superstructure of the boat are made of aluminum, while the design, interior and exterior, are from the prestigious Omega Architects studio. This superyacht, of semi-custom design, is for private use. It is equipped with two MTU diesel engines of 3,700 hp each, has a top speed of 31 knots, and has a range of 1.600 nautical miles.

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