Mataró Marina Barcelona offers more berths and new services

·the marina on the north coast of Barcelona

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Mataró Marina Barcelona has increased the number of berths devoted to super yachts. From April, the marina on the north coast of Barcelona features two entirely new working quays that have allowed the marina to double the number of berths offered, which currently amount to 30.

In conjunction with the opening of the new berths for superyachts, the marina has also inaugurated a sports area, including basket-training and paddle fields, and a leisure area for crews with barbecue and bar-vending. In the coming months, the marina will also launch a spacious area devoted to services with multifunctional modules were all sorts of activities will be carried out (offices, shopping, storage, showrooms, etc.)

Throughout the year, the new facilities of the old fish market will be fully operational as well. They will house the offices of Mataró Marina Barcelona, the area devoted to the personnel of the marina, a training area and a special leisure area for crews (Crew Club).

All these improvements will be complemented with the introduction of new security and surveillance measures, a new illumination system throughout the entire perimeter of the marina (leds with low environmental impact and reduced light pollution, in line with the company’s commitment to the environment) and new green areas. Additionally, the entire premises will boast the corporate colours of Varador 2000, the company that manages the marina.

Mataró Marina Barcelona is certified to ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system. Furthermore, the marina’s facilities have the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), the most demanding European environmental management system certification.


The Minister Neus Munté of the Government of Catalonia, opened the nautical base for superyachts Mataro Marina Barcelona

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Xiqui Mas, Neus Munté and David Bote (left-right)

14 April 2016.- The Minister of the Presidency of the Government of Catalonia, Neus Munté, officially opened the facilities of the nautical base for superyachts, Mataró Marina Barcelona, managed by the company Varador 2000. The minister highlighted the fact that these new facilities will make the Maresme’s capital city “a benchmark within the sector in Catalonia”. Munté also added that the marina will help “boost economic activity in the area and create jobs”.

The minister took a tour of the facilities of Mataró Marina Barcelona accompanied by the CEO of Varador 2000, Xiqui Mas, and the mayor of Mataró, David Bote. During her visit, Munté also referred to the “company’s commitment to training and to yachting and sailing”. The marina includes a training area where vocational training students from the Miquel Biada secondary school in Mataró can do practical studies for a diploma in ship maintenance. A sailing course for children will soon be starting up too, along with other initiates related to sailing and training.

During the inauguration of the marina the mayor of Mataró stated that “boosting marina activities will boost the city”, and he also mentioned how keen Mataró city council is to seek further ways to collaborate with Varador 2000 and develop more activities and initiatives in the area.

Xiqui Mas, CEO of Varador 2000, also referred to the decisive role this marina will play in developing “tourism and sailing in the Maresme region”. Mas also pointed out that “the financial success of the marina is the financial success of the city, the region and the country. Our aim –he added– is to bring added value to the Catalonian nautical sector, encourage tourism and build wealth in the area”. Mas, as head of Varador 2000, also stated that this nautical base is a cross-cutting project, “a project that has one foot in Mataró and another in Arenys de Mar”, where the company has its technical headquarters and performs maintenance on boats that moor in the marina as well as other boats.

Mataró Marina Barcelona is a nautical base located in the port of Mataró, the capital city of the Maresme region. It is a quiet and safe marina, designed mainly for people who wish to moor their yachts in a strategic location on the northern coast of Barcelona. In fact, between the capital city of Catalonia and France there are no other marina facilities of this kind.

Around 30 large yachts (from 20 to 50 metres long) can be moored in this new marina, which functions under administrative concession by the Ports of the Catalan Government. The marina is equipped with the most up-to-date services to cater for the needs of these kinds of boats, and also has an amenities area with a sports zone, a leisure space for crews and an extensive service area.

The marina holds ISO 9001 quality management system certifications, ISO 14001 environmental management certifications, occupational health and safety (health and safety at work) OHSAS 18001 and the European environmental quality EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

Invest in Mataró / Marine industry / Mataró Marina Barcelona: strategic location

Invest in Mataró / Marine industry / Mataró Marina Barcelona: superyachts base / Berths superyacht Barcelona

Promotional video of Mataró prepared by the Tecnocampus university which has as an objective explain to future investors who want to settle in the city which are its strong points and its strategic value. In the nautical setting Mataró Marina Barcelona has participated as a major company in the sector. Its marketing director, Elisabetta Quartaroli, explains how it is that Varador 2000 (shipyard Barcelona) has been installed in Mataró with its marina for superyachts.

Most draught for superyachts of great length Mataro Marina Barcelona

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The dock for superyachts Mataró Marina Barcelona is finalizing operations to align the bottom of the dock to the needs of draught of the large boats usually moored in the nautical base. For three weeks ago is proceeding to dump stones and rocks of the seabed to gain depth. With this operation, the marina will have a minimum depth of 4.5 meters in almost all its perimeter, which can reach 6 feet in some areas of the basin.

Once the extraction of rocks end they will have gained between 1.5 and 2 meters deep, which will facilitate the entry and mooring big boats around the enclosure. Besides winning draught, the operation will also improve the stability of the movement of water and reduce their agitation. The stones are drilled are used to reinforce the breakwater pier west of the port.

Emptying the bottom of the basin has been trying not cause notable disorders users marina. Varador 2000, the company that manages this nautical base, wants to thank the understanding they have shown at all times for the inconvenience caused, given that the benefits far outweigh the temporary inconvenience that may have suffered.

The proposed operation of the new nautical base of Mataró for large boats besides provides technical improvement, environmental management and the maintenance and upkeep of the installations implementing new services for the crews of these vessels (Crew area with sports and leisure) areas, the implementation of a training and promotion of sailing and nautical sports, among others.

Mataró Marina Barcelona will be the European base of Olympic sailing team Brazil

The dock Superyacht Mataró Marina Barcelona will be the European base of Olympic sailing team in Brazil. Varador 2000 -company managing Mataró Marina Barcelona- has reached an agreement with Confederaçao Brasileira de Vela for such equipment can train, hone the fleet and prepare properly The 2016 Rio Olympic Games in comfortable surroundings, with class infrastructure and well connected.

Mataró Marina Barcelona has enabled a removable covered space of 700 m2 and 300 m2 esplanade for sailors, coaches and maintenance personnel of the Brazilian Olympic team to work and train in comfort, privacy and discretion and without interfering with normal activity navy.

The Confederaçao Brasileira de Vela has already moved to facilities Mataró Marina Barcelona an important part of competition equipment to be used by athletes in their Olympic team to train in waters of the Maresme. In Rio 2016 games the following classes will be Olympic: 470 (male and female), RS: X (male and female), Laser (male), Laser Radial (female), 49er (male), 49er FX (female) Finn (male), Nacra 17 (mixed).

The promotion of sailing and nautical sports is one of the highlights (along with the creation of a training and new services for crews) the project’s operating base for superyacht Mataró Marina Barcelona aspects that hand Varador 2000 has become in a few months a focus of revitalization of the nautical sector north of Barcelona. In fact, between Barcelona and France no other marina of its kind.

Mataró Marina Barcelona, also just recently obtained the certification of environmental quality European EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), demanding the legislation on environmental management systems that exist in the European Union.

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