Bright Varador 2000 runner-up in the Copa del Rey Sailing

The Varador 2000 has finished its participation in the Copa del Rey Sailing qualifying in second place in the category ORC2. The boat CN Arenys commanded by Lluís Blanchar and Carles Rodríguez has made a very regular, flawless championship, holding the second position in the table from the second day of competition.

The Varador 2000 finished second behind Movistar, which has Blanchar as indicated on more than one occasion more like a boat than ORC2 ORC1, which obtained the second position “moral victory tastes really felt champions” indicates the owner of Arenys only had to fight to keep the second position on the podium with Airlan Airmec, who has also done a very good Copa del Rey.

During the last day of competition was played only a sleeve because there was steady wind. The Ailan Airmec has won the Varador 2000 has been to 2 seconds on corrected time and Movistar in third.

Xiqui Mas, CEO of Varador 2000, he also wanted to congratulate the entire crew of Varador 2000 and its owner and his employer for such a good result: “It’s a pleasure to support people who do their jobs in such a solvent and effectively. Congratulations”.

The Varador 2000 ensures the podium one day before the end

Good day of racing for Varador 2000, it has signed a second in the first race behind the unattainable Movistar, and fourth in the second race of the afternoon, which has benefited its nearest rival, the Airlan Aiemec. Nevertheless, the ship commanded by Lluís Blanchar and Carles Rodríguez, is firm in the second position in the overall standings of ORC2, two points ahead of his nearest rival in the absence of a single day of racing.

It was the windiest day of the championship, 14 knots, but in the Bay of Palma is denser and has more pressure.
In the first round the scores Varador 2000 completely to prevent Airlan Airmec to a good start and the tactic worked. The boat Arenys made ​​a nearly flawless manga and its competitor unable to fully develop its strategy.

After performing the test discard the worst because they had already played a total of 8 rounds of the championship, the Varador 2000 began the second set with 4 points by Airlan Airmec. This boat has gone to the side of the pin as output and was passing the Varador 2000 Movistar has opted out from the center of the line. Everything was going well, with few crossings, except in the windward mark, where the boat Blanchart has hit three ships preferably the first on Airlan, who has escaped and has been impossible to reach.

The Varador 2000 remains strong in the second position of the classification

After the hard race today, four hours of navigation to the limit have tested all the crew, the Varador 2000 stands firm in second place in the overall ranking of ORC2. The sailboat CN Arenys has again today signing a brilliant second position after Movistar in the only coastal race in the competition that has developed in the Bay of Palma. The most direct rival Varador 2000, Airlan Aermec, reached the finish in third place and is also in the same position overall, although now somewhat estranged. The final podium seems to be shaping up …

The second in today’s race, with a distance of about 21 buoys and nautical miles-has been forged in the strategy followed in Sunrise and leveraging tactic wind reversals and constant pressure changes same. In goal, the differences with the Airlan Airmec have been minimal. The Varador 2000 entered 58 seconds behind his main rival, beat him by making nine seconds on corrected time.

The race has been very difficult. Only during last 20 minutes, when the wind exceeded 11 knots and the boat runs much the Varador 2000 has been at the height of his rival and has secured second place overall.

The Varador 2000 ranks second category ORC2

The Varador 2000 has climbed to second place in the overall standings of the ORC2 category Copa del Rey Sailing at the end of the third day of racing. The vrolijk 37 that command Lluís Blanchar and Carles Rodríguez has signed two second places in the two races held today and outperformed the Airlan Aermec, its nearest rival.
The race has been developed with a wind of 10 to 13 knots of 215 °, which has forced the crew to be very careful with trimming the sails. At the outputs of the two races the Varador 2000 has controlled its rivals, especially the Airlan Aermec to make it difficult position, forcing him to fight with the rest of the fleet as the ship moved ahead Arenys. The recovered positions Airlan downwind legs, but has not been enough to take time to Varador 2000, which has made two almost perfect sleeves, with very few errors.
The boat is very fast. If this tactic has raised Alex Folch and great refinement of cane, Carles Rodríguez, adds (besides the good coordination of the entire crew) the result is finish ahead of the entire fleet except the unattainable Movistar (is really ORC2 or ORC1?).
On Thursday’s scheduled one test consisting of a coastal race around the bay of Palma. This year, as new, this test counts as any other and can be discarded as worst result ever realizing they run 8 heats of the 11 previews.


The Varador 2000 keeps podium position after the second day of racing

After two days of racing, the Varador 2000 keeps intact its options. The two sleeves today have served to confirm the ship in the third position in the standings. After various difficulties and tough with rivals, the first round has resulted in a fifth position.

The second set, however, the boat has gone low to taking the lead after the second race downwind leg. With the wind blowing the Varador 2000 xaloc Opted surf the right side of the course placing second in real time, after Movistar, vessel not giving more options and looks like it belongs to the group of larger vessels ORC1 group.

Finally, Varador 2000 has won the second race of the day tied on corrected time with Airlan Aermec.