Corporate Policy

Varador 2000 SA is a company dedicated to reforms, repair, maintenance and sale of boats and marine services. Aware of the importance that the market gives the quality of services, environmental sustainability and health and safety of its employees, visitors and contractors, the company takes on the challenge of implementing a policy management and continuous improvement of service quality giving customer, highly conscious of protecting the natural environment and people.

Therefore adopted at all levels of the organization, the Integrated Management System resulting from the application of relevant international norms, and assumes the following commitments:

  • Compliance with all legal and administrative requirements applicable environmental, health and safety and other requirements, if decides to pay voluntarily.
  • Seek continual improvement of environmental performance in health and safety and the quality of its services, through systematic and regular evaluation of the Integrated Management System.
  • Prevent, minimize and, to the extent possible, eliminate pollution and disturbances that negatively affect both the environment and the quality of environment health and safety and the environment, by providing the public with a Environmental Declaration on marine activity as a result of the implementation of the EMAS regulation to that activity.

It will also adopt as principles of their behavior in environmental and occupational health and safety field:

  • The rational use of its resources. 
  • Training, awareness and participation of all staff, in order to facilitate compliance with this policy. 
  • Encourage our employees, customers and suppliers, the adoption of good practice in health and safety of people and the surrounding environment.

Similarly, Varador 2000 SA is committed to supporting this Corporate Policy, providing the necessary physical elements and essential to provide a framework for setting and reviewing objectives and targets resources.
It is intended as a final goal, to make available to customers a service that meets the highest standards recognized and earning your complete satisfaction; essential to ensure the company’s future condition.

Jose Ramon Mas i Borrell

CEO Varador 2000 SA